Year Date Member Station
1941 Jan. 5, 1941 Fr. Harold A. Barker LaGuardia Airport Crash Truck (in quarters)
Fr. Harry Barker was detailed to the LaGuardia Airport Crash Truck. He was asked to get an old Company Journal in the attic. While descending a straight ladder he lost his grip and fell 30 feet into the basement.
1957 Feb. 13, 1957 Fr. Peter G. Peila 2-2-1652 – Rockaway Ave. and Pacific St., Bklyn.
Fr. Peter G. Peila suffered a fatal heart attack at a fire at 2291 Pacific Street Brooklyn. The early morning fire swept through four buildings and Fr. Peila was dragging a hose line into the fourth building when he collapsed and was pronounced dead at the hospital. Two children also died in the two alarm kerosene oil stove fire. He was 44 years and lived in Corona with his wife and two children.
1996 Feb. 5, 1996 Fr. Louis Valentino 3-3-2408 – 4400 Glenwood Road, Bklyn.
Fr. Valentino was fighting a fire in the rear of 4400 Glenwood Rd., in an automotive storage area. The main body of fire was extinguished when the steel I beams supporting the roof collapsed onto Fr. Valentino.
2001 Sept. 11, 2001 Lt. Peter C. Martin 5-5-8087 – 1 World Trade Center, Manhattan
Fr. William Lake While ascending the stairs to respond to maydays for firemen trapped and to fight a fire on the 83 floor. The 110 story W.T.C. building, (Tower 1) collapsed to the ground. Lt. Martin, Fr. Lake, Fr. Libretti, Fr. O’Rourke, Fr. Quappe were all recovered.
Fr. Rall and Fr. Napolitano were never found.
Fr. Daniel Libretti
Fr. Kevin O’Rourke
Fr. Lincoln Quappe
Fr. Edward Rall
Fr. John Napolitano